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Sid Wayne - Dee Libbey (1957)

Mangos, papaya, chestnuts from the fire,
In my house of straw I have so much more.
Pie from the pigeon I fix in the "kidgeon,"
Each bite is just right for your appetite.
Now, if you like the way I cook,
And if you like the way I look,
Then step insdie my shady nook,
And you'll find mangos and papayas,
Anything your heart desires!
Mangos, papaya, chestnuts from the fire,
The food is so "gude" you will wanna stay.
(So) Eat up and drink up
And maybe you think up the day
When we say, "Preacher man, O.K."

Rosemary Clooney

It's been quite a while since the swingin' record
scene heard from star vocalist Rosemary Clooney.
Although she's had many discs on the market,
nothing seemed to break into the bighit category
over the past several months. However, just recently
Rosemary latched onto a tune called "Mangos",
and immediately upon its release the platter zoomed
right to the top of the charts. "Mangos", although
it isn't actually an authentic Calypso item, was
helped along by its catchy Latin American beat,
which is so popular now due to the current
Calypso craze.

If you haven't already picked up a copy of "Mango",
we'd advise you to do so now. Rosemary is at her
very vest on this fine Columbia recording, and by
all indications it will very definitely serve to establish
the lovely lady of song once again as the country's
foremost femme recording artist.