Every Bit A Lady [The Making of Look My Way]
by Scott Turner, Producer of the album

I received a call from Bill Loeb, Rosie's manager, asking if I would be interested in producing a Nashville session on Rosemary. Since I had just become independent production-wise, I jumped at the chance.

I met Rosemary when I was Guy Mitchell's musical director and guitarist, and she was most pleasant to both of us. I called Ray Warren, the U.S. label head for the sessions, and asked him what direction they wanted me to take material-wise, and Ray stated that she would like to do some country-oriented material. Then it hit me - Rosemary had done some country crossover songs earlier in her career, one of them being the Acuff-Rose song "Half As Much". I then talked to Rosemary to see how she felt about doing some pure country songs and she said, "I'd love it!" Little did I know that she was raised in [Maysville], Kentucky and she grew up listening to country radio.

When she came into Nashville with Bill Loeb and her then boyfriend Dante (they married years later), I had a stack of songs chosen for her to go through and she seemed to love them all. So we had to narrow it down to ten. The first two she chose were songs written by Waylon Jennings' wife Jesse Colter - "I'm Not Lisa" and "Storms Never Last". Another song she wanted to do was Paul Simon's "Twas A Sunny Day" which fit the concept perfectly.

When we went in the studio, Rosemary was very cordial towards the musicians and vice-versa. In fact, they actually talked her into recutting "Half As Much" and she obliged to a standing ovation after the playback.

Dante, her boyfriend, was the lead dancer in a motion picture titled "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers" so I suggested that he do a soft-shoe during the instrumental break on a song titled "Look My Way". It took some urging, but he finally conceded so I sprinkled some salt on the studio floor and he danced in tempo, to Rosie's delight.

The sessions were among the easiest I had ever done all due to Rosie's radiant personality and preparation. The project came out on United Artists/U.K. and Billboard gave it a great review. I still have the thank you note Rosemary sent to me and she also wrote letters to every musician. She was "every bit a lady".

[Scott Turner, was born Graham Morrison Turnbull in Sydney, Nova Scotia and died at the age of 77 in 2009]


LOOK MY WAY - Recorded at RCA VICTOR STUDIOS , Nashville,Tennessee , Engineer : Chuck Seitz , Produced by Scott Turner for APCO Records
Half as much ; Roses in the garden; When will I be loved ? ; Storms never last ; Look my way ; 'Twas a sunny day /There I've said it ; I'm not Lisa ; Don't the good times (make it all worth while) ; Singing the Blues ; When you got love ; The very thought of losing you) UNITED ARTISTS UAS 29918 (P) 1976

NICE TO BE AROUND - Arranged and Produced by Del Newman. Executive Producer : Alan Warner Orchestral Contractor : David Katz. Recorded at Nova Sound ,Scorpio Sound ,Berwick Street Studion and Marquee Studio, London. Mixed at Marquee Studio, London. Engineered by Richard Dodd.
You ; Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover ; Send in the Clowns ; Music ; Thank You Baby / All by myself ; My Little Town ; The Hungry Years ; I Won't Last A Day Without You ; Nice To Be around ) UNITED ARTISTS UAS 30008 (P) 1977