Sites dedicated to the 'girl singer'

Site-Seeing with Jan Perry, Cincinnati Post, July 2, 2002

I remember Rosemary Clooney from my earliest days. It may have been the evening breeze that caressed the trees, but it was her luscious voice that came to us, rich and inviting, able to sweep over a listener and surround them like the wind moving through the leaves.

I remember singing along with her, pretending to be the glamorous girl on tour with the band. And watching White Christmas every year, longing to take her place opposite Bing Crosby for that late night duet and be there when the snow finally arrived at the inn.

What I didn't dream then, was that one day, in the kind of fair-weather fate that life sometimes serves us, I would have the honor of meeting the rest of the Clooney family one weekend, only to lose Rosemary the next.

For her many fans, family and friends here are but a few of the uncountable number of sites dedicated to the lady and the legend. The Rosemary Clooney Palladium site is a must visit for anyone who followed the career of Maysville's musical maven from singing sister to sparkling star. In addition to dozens of photos (candid family snaps as well as glamorous publicity shots), there are articles, links and concert recaps from years gone by as well as several of her last performances. Tour Maysville, visit the Russell Theater; both are worth the time. Best though, in my opinion, is the insight into a young Rosemary, growing up in the segregated South with a best friend who just happened to be black. The recounting speaks well for all (except perhaps "snobbish Aunt Olivette"). Another gem of a site was created by Ginny Sayre, who included Rosemary Clooney on her very short list of deserving performers who earned a spot on her pages through "artistic ability, sincerity, beauty, romance and a touch of enchantment that brings our chaotic world a little piece of mind if only for the time it takes to watch a few reels of film.'' Take a look at the others on her list including Judy Garland, Jack Haley, Dick Powell, John Payne and Ginger Rogers. Miss Clooney recorded enough songs to fill a catalog - a big one. Her discography runs in the hundreds. If you haven't been able to find the one you're looking for, SongSearch currently lists 106 in stock, many of them imports and hard-to-find early releases. Welcome to the site of Kentucky Konnections, dedicated to notable celebrities from the Bluegrass State. The listings aren't long, but Rosie is certainly among the famous authors, politicians and performers to be honored here. He called her his mentor; she thought of him asfamily. From time to time, you can hear the purity of Rosemary Clooney's approach to vocals in the songs done by Michael Feinstein. Read about his life and his work here.

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