Love & Marriage '98: Weddings of the Year 1998 Some waited for decades while others hardly waited at all. But whatever the route--or the robe-- they chose, this year's stars of the altar made the most

(People - 7-20-98)

Rosemary Clooney & Dante DiPaolo

November 7, 1997

Chanteuse Rosemary Clooney, 70, didn't rush into marriage. She and former dancer Dante DiPaolo, 71, took 24 years to make it official. More than 600 folks, including Bob Hope, Bob Mackie and daughter-in-law Debby Boone (wife of Clooney's son Gabriel Ferrer), jammed the Catholic mass at St. Patrick Church in her hometown of Maysville, Ky. Because of recent knee surgery, the bride sat on a couch with DiPaolo during the reception. To Clooney, "being married is different spiritually," but the relationship hasn't changed much. "We're still yelling at each other," she says with a smile.