June 3, 2000

Here begins the "imusic group" evening at
Feinstein's on June 3rd, 2000. Thanks to
some wonderful coordinating by "Janet,"
the evening was a huge success.

Meeting before the show in the hotel lobby are
(l-r) Peter, Janet, Barbara (clooneyfans) &
Henry (C-l-o-o-n-e-t-t-e).

A Menu Favorite for Some!!


This recap, is compliments of the wonderful fans who frequent Rosemary's message board at imusic.com. Following are their recollections of their wonderful evening with Rosemary on June 3, 2000.

The iMusic board folks met at the Regency Hotel in New York a little before 6 p.m. Included in the group were folks from, New York, Massachusetts, Colorado and Philadelphia.

Some of the group were seated right in front of stage center. In fact, "Clooneyfans" could even put her feet on the stage.

At 8:40 p.m. the band started playing and then Rosemary was escorted onto the stage by her husband Dante. The room is small, but cozy and affords some guests a special view, as Rosie has to walk right by them to make her way to the stage. Dante, played assistant, and helped Rosemary get her music stand and mic situated. She wore a lovely, champagne colored dress with a beaded low cut collar and cuffs. She looked absolutely terrific.

Rosemary was accompanied by John Oddo on piano, Joe Cocuzzo at drums, and another percussionist, bass, trumpet, and sax player, as well as her duet partner on her newest CD, BRAZIL, John Pizzarelli, Jr. on guitar.

Rosemary's set featured songs from the new CD and everyone got an insert to the CD showing the song selection (they were selling the new CD at the maitre'd desk!).

Rosemary opened the show with a dreamy, "Corcovado" (Quiet Nights). When she was finished she told the audience that she was now 72 years old. It got great applause. She said considering the alternative, she was happy to be 72!

Then she recalled how she wanted to sing a Dave Frishberg song for the new CD, but he wasn't willing to write a "Brazilian" one for her. He told her, "I already wrote a song about Brazil". So, she instructed the audience to listen for the one word that connected this Frishberg song to Brazil--RIO--and sang "Let's Eat Home".

John Pizzarelli, then sang "Dindi", and then Rosemary sang "Once I Loved." When she was finished she said that she was once in Brazil in 1968, but she doesn't remember 1968, but people told her she liked it a lot! (This met with lots of laughter!)

In chatting with audience in her "let's-catch-up-on life-old-friend-style" she said that her two youngest grandchildren were in NYC, ages 6 and 3. While she's in town, she goes to play with them everyday. Comparatively, these two were easy to take care of, just keep them away from the windows. Harry Botnick, back in CA is another story. She recalled for the audience his "Hey There" stunt when he finagled his way into getting his Grandma to sing "Hey There" at a restaurant, to his accompaniment, and then left her half-way through the song., she said it was stay there and sing a cappella, or buy the whole house a drink!

She sang, "I Concentrate On You," which was terrific because the only accompaniment was John on the guitar--it was soft and sweet and lovely! This arrangement was lifted completely from one Frank Sinatra recorded.

Before her next song, Rosemary mentioned that the other day, Tony Bennett had come to see her and they were talking about Frank. (She said she'd have to write him a letter about this conversation, cause "he won't remember!") They believe that all singers should sing one Frank Sinatra song per show, and so here was hers dedicated to Frank "In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning!" (The applause was overwhelming.)

After her and John sang "Let Go," she said it "was a Happy Brazilian song, and there aren't many of those!"

Before their next duet, Rosemary introduced it by saying that they were "going to Regale you with a Samba-One-Note" which lead them into "One Note Samba."

She ended with the 3 song medley that she said were "some old Kentucky Love songs," --"I Cried For You, "Whose Sorry Now", and "Goody, Goody". Just before she hung up the mic, she smiled and quietly said, "that's for my Daddy."

 After the show was over, the imusic group went backstage to meet her.

Here are some photos of everyone taking their turn meeting and greeting their favorite performer.

Rosemary makes Janet feel as though she is the star.

Here's Pete (a fan from Philly), clooneyfans,
Dante and Rosemary posin'
"But Not For Me"
 Pete & Dante spent most of their time together speaking
Italian, so we can't report
on what they talked about, we don't know!!!


C-l-o-o-n-e-t-t-e and his friend Peter
say their hellos to Rosemary.

And this is Shirl (another fan from Philly)
 enjoying her Rosie Moment.


As it turned out- this particular night- Rosemary's dearest friends were there to visit with her also. Her dear friend Jackie Sherman and her daughters Kathy and Susie were there as well as the actress from earlier movies who played with Judy Garland, Miss Ann Rutherford, who looked absolutely divine with sparkly spangly glasses . (That's Ann on the right.)

Jackie and her daughters were delightful. Rosemary and she spoke of the good old days of New York and then she and Jackie were asked what they thought was the best restaurant back then. Both agreed- "21". All indications were that Jackie was interviewed in depth for the upcoming A&E Biography on Rosemary. Rosemary spent some talking with her friends about Nicky and that he is really having some trouble at his house. "Some creature has gotten under his house and died!" They were all laughing and having a great time with that.

Rosemary has great friends they possess the same warm personality that she does. It is no wonder she has had these friends all her life.

Dante was a real charmer. He was amused to hear that his career also has a place on this website.

And here is one last photo before they go,
Dante, with a very happy Janet and her husband Don.

Rosemary was absolutely wonderful, she acknowledged everyone and tried to include each of them in her conversations. C-l-o-o-n-e-t-t-e, Clooneyfans and Janet told Rosemary a bit about her "internet fans" and websites presence. She commented that she hadn't had the time to see all of this yet, though she has the equipment available to do so. Her friend Jackie said "I have a new computer for her, all set up to look at, but will she?" Rosemary said "I will, I will!" and threw her hands up in the air and everyone laughed. She thanked us for our work.

It was a wonderful evening and a dream come true for many.

Thanks Cloonette, Clooneyfan, Janet E. Terrell, and RCFan1 for their concert recollections.