Rosemary Clooney
With the Honoluly Symphony & The Big Kahuna & The Copa Cat Pack
November 16-17, 2001 - Concert Photos


Glorious Rosemary

Matt & His Sax


Rosemary & her "new big band"



It ended all too soon!

A couple from Montana, celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, get to meet Rosemary after the show.

Nick Clooney & The Copa Cat Pack Drummer Steve

Don Ho, his daughter Hoku, and Matt Catingub "The Big Kahuna"

The band plays a medley before Rosemary's arrival on stage that includes Tenderly, White Christmas, Half As Much, Sisters and This Ole House. She makes her entrance on Dante's arm to Sentimental Journey. She tells the crowd that she wishes she could work here all the time and that maybe she could if she didn't have to pay so much to have such a big family. She loves to travel with Nick and Nina, who are here with her on vacation, as folks come up to ask about George and she can just walk away. Her next song is from her Tony Pastor days she says. He would sing every night and she and Betty wished to sing songs like his... She's interrupted to find out that the next number is actually Just in Time. She says "Oh, Basie, he's riden on ahead," and the audience breaks out in laughter.

At one point Rosemary says to the audience, "Don't tell a soul this, but once Lucy and I were talking, she lived half a block away, said 'we've gone and ruined the whole street...Me with the Puerto Rican and you the Cuban'....never told an audience this"

She look to Jennifer, the only female in the band, who is soon going to move to Honolulu from the mainland. Rosemary says, maybe she should have done that when she was younger...but no, she was with the Puerto Rican having 5 kids in 5 years.

She sings a song from the movie Cabin in the Sky, Happiness is a Thing Called Joe, and then tells her story about her grandson Harry and sings Hey There followed by You Go To My Head. Matt and Rosemary have a grand time singing Ya Got Class from the movie Rosemary did with Bob Hope called Here Come the Girls. She then sings Rockin Chair, and Ol Man River at a frenetic pace. Rosemary mentions that she'll be in Houston next week and then closes with the tribute to Frank Sinatra by singing, The Singer and They Can't Take That Away from Me.