Rosemary Clooney
with the
Louisville Orchestra

March 3, 2001

The audience at The Palace theatre in Louisville, Kentucky was treated to one heck of a performance on March 3, 2001.

The Louisville Orchestra played several different Marches to start off the evening.

After a brief intermission, a very handsome and distinquished gentlemen came to center stage and introduced himself as "the only person in the theatre who knows exactly what his epitah is going to read. Nick Clooney, brother of famous singer, actress.....Rosemary Clooney, father of director, producer, actor.....George Clooney, died today. Period."

He mentioned that they'd grown up just up river in Maysville, Kentucky and that the folks in Louisville, got their bath water about three days later!

He said he'd "heard some big talk, been to some big towns" and he now knows that nobody's sister sings like his. And with that he introduced Rosemary Clooney.

Making her entrance to the background music of "Sentimental Journey" Rosemary told the audience they were looking awfully good and then began to sing.

Her lyric notes dropped, and she said...."there goes my career."

She said she was glad her brother came tonight, he even bought his own ticket. She made her lovely and beautiful sister-in-law, Nina Clooney, standup. She said she loved Nina cause she puts up with Nick.

Did a new album of Big Band Music. Figured it was about time.

Said that the Louisville Orchestra was her favorite orchestra and that wasn't just a lot of jazz, she really meant it.

She said next song she likes to dedicate to her nephew George, cause she's 72 and she's not going to be able to do this much more, so she's glad he's doing so well financially. "We're in the Money"

During an instrumental interlude....she came in a little too early...and said she was sorry....then she stood there and kept asking John "When?" "Now?" and he'd said..."Pretty Soon."

Next she wanted to sing a gorgeous song that she doesn't have much occassion to sing, cause she doesn't always have a great horn section behind her, "It Never Entered My Mind."

Next was Nelson Riddle's arrangment of "Limehouse Blues". And what she always remembers about this song is Fred Astaire and Lucille Brenner who were in this MGM thing with lots of stars and they were dancing on the waterfront. It has nothing to do with the song, but oh well, now she knows she's sounding like her brother."

[there was more to the concert - but the notes are no longer available - sorry]

A member of the Orchestra and his family get to meet The Star.

Family, Nothin' Like Family