The Rosemary Clooney CBS Radio Recordings 1955-1961
Mosaic Records Limited Edition 5 CD Box Set
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A Missing Treasure Trove Rediscovered 

Rosemary Clooney was more than just a favorite of mass radio audiences. She was a favorite of a lot of highly respected musicians who found her easy, natural, charming approach to popular songs irresistible. Her personal taste tended toward authentic compositions by America's great songsmiths. While Rosemary's record producers might have reined her in with iron fists, her good friend Bing Crosby let her record what she wanted to record for the radio shows he shared with her. And those recordings appear - most for the first time since they were broadcast -- on the new Mosaic box set, "The Rosemary Clooney CBS Radio Recordings 1955-61." 

Twelve tracks showed up on the Coral Records LP, "Swing Around Rosie." Two additional tracks appeared as bonus material on the Japanese CD of the same title. But the rest -- 90 recordings - have never been available until this limited, collector's edition set. 

With Bing's longtime musical collaborator Buddy Cole on piano, organ, and other keyboards, plus guitar, bass, and drums, they are an ideal setting for appreciating her extraordinary voice. And a lovely way to revisit some exceptional compositions by Cole Porter, Billy Strayhorn, Johnny Mercer, her friends the Gershwins, and others. Plus music made famous by Joe Bushkin, Illinois Jacquet, Jimmy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington and more. With theater and cabaret numbers always popular, she could choose from Rodgers and Hart, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Lerner and Loewe, Cy Coleman, and others. The radio shows were a blank canvas for great songs and singing. 

Rosemary would be the last person to claim status as a jazz singer. She felt she didn't possess the inventiveness most jazz musicians strive to achieve. In fact, she thought her singing matched her looks - in her view, quite plain. Ordinary. Like anyone's. But that wholesomeness and straightforward approach were what made her an individual. One-of-a-kind. A genuine artist. And you know what else? The girl could swing. 

Paramount Pictures called her to test for the movies. At the studio, she met a man who was her musical idol: Bing Crosby and there was an instant bond. Almost immediately, she began appearing on his radio show.

Radio suited Rosemary as she would breeze through as many numbers as possible in a session and then get back to her life. The pace probably improved the result. Without frills and fluff, you concentrate on Rosemary's voice. There was nothing accidental or haphazard about the mood she created with every song. And there's no question she was doing more than singing notes and words. Rosemary was an unparalleled storyteller. Her precise intonation and spot-on sense of rhythm took full advantage of any song that gave her the leeway to swing the beat and pop the lyric. 

What's refreshing is, throughout her career she was self-deprecating about her talent and embarrassed by her acceptance into the musical community. It probably confused her that Ella Fitzgerald was a colleague and friend. And never dawned on her that her singing made her so very likable by fans and stars together. 

This Mosaic set includes five CDs. Transfers were from the original mono analog tapes conforming to Mosaic's typical exacting standards.



1. Just You, Just Me (A) 1:32     (R. Klages-J. Greer)

2. Donít Take Your Love From Me (A) 3:00        (Henry Nemo)

3. I Guess Iíll Have To Change My Plan (A) 2:38     (H. Dietz-A. Schwartz)

4. Keep It Gay (A) 1:37     (R. Rodgers-O. Hammerstein)

5. I Canít Believe That Youíre In Love With Me (A) 1:22     (C. Gaskill-J. McHugh)

6. From This Moment On (A) 1:48     (Cole Porter)

7. But Not For Me (A) 2:34     (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)

8. Nice Work If You Can Get It (A) 2:00     (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)

9. ĎS Wonderful (A) 1:43     (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)

10. Taking A Chance On Love (A) 2:07     (Latouche-Fetter-Duke)

11. Ití A Most Unusual Day (A) 1:46     (H. Adamson-J. McHugh)

12. Cíest Magnifique (A) 2:59     (Cole Porter)

13. Mood Indigo (B) 2:53     (Ellington-Bigard-Mills)

14. Back In Your Own Backyard (B) 1:39     (Rose-Dreyer-Jolson)

15. Youíre The Top (B) 1:35     (Cole Porter)

16. The Gold Diggersí Song (Weíre In The Money) (B) 1:39   (A. Dubin-H. Warren)

17. Anything Goes (B) 1:10     (Cole Porter)

18. All Through The Night (B) 2:48     (Cole Porter)

19. Teach Me Tonight (B) 2:57     (S. Cahn-G. DePaul)

20. Iíve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (B) 2:28     (Irving Berlin)

21. I Get A Kick Out Of You (C) 2:32     (Cole Porter)


1. I Feel A Song Coming On (C) 1:27     (McHugh-Fields-Oppenheim)

2. Little Man Youíve Had A Busy Day (C) 3:28     (Sigler-Hoffman-Wayne)

3. Thou Swell (C) 1:38     (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

4. Youíre In Kentucky Sure As Youíre Born (C) 2:02     (Little-Gillespie-Shay)

5. Almost Like Being In Love (D) 2:32     (A.J. Lerner-F. Loewe)

6. Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter (D) 1:46 (J. Young-F. Ahlert)

7. Hey There (D) 2:15     (R. Adler-J. Ross)

8. Please Donít Talk About Me When Iím Gone (D) 2:07     (S. Clare-S. Stept)

9. Something Wonderful Happens In Summer (D) 2:15     (J. DeVries-J. Bushkin)

10. Mountain Greenery (D) 2:14     (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

11. Mangoes (E) 2:31     (D. Libby-S. Wayne)

12. How About You? (E) 2:12     (R. Freed-B. Lane)

13. No Other Love (E) 2:18     (R. Rodgers-O. Hammerstein)

14. Itís Not For Me To Say (E) 2:35     (A. Stillman-R. Allen)

15. So Rare (E) 2:20     (J. Sharpe-J. Herst)

16. Lover Come Back To Me (E) 2:12     (S. Romberg-O. Hammerstein)

17. Oh! Look At Me Now (E) 1:32     (J. DeVries-J. Bushkin)

18. Donícha Go Away Mad (E) 1:58     (Jacquet-Mundy-Stillman)

19. What Is There To Say (E) 2:01     (E. Y. Harburg-V. Duke)

20. Itís All Right With Me (E) 2:06     (Cole Porter)

21. Goody Goody (E) 2:03     (J. Mercer-M. Malneck)


1. Sunday In Savannah (E) 2:30     (Hugh McKay)

2. I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart (E) 2:29     (Ellington-Nemo-Redmond-Mills)

3. It Happened To Happen To Me (E) 2:27     (Nick Clooney)

4. A Touch Of The Blues (E) 2:38     (E. Wilcox-D. George)

5. The Nearness Of You (E) 2:22     (H. Carmichael-N. Washington)

6. Youíll Never Know (E) 2:20     (M. Gordon-H. Warren)

7. On The Street Where You Live (E) 2:34     (A.J. Lerner-F. Loewe)

8. New Sun In The Sky (E) 1:54     (H. Dietz-A. Schwartz)

9. Everything Happens To Me (E) 2:21     (M. Dennis-T. Adair)

10. ĎDeed I Do (F) 1:46     (W. Hirsh-F. Rose)

11. I Gotta  Right To Sing The Blues (F) 3:01     (T. Koehler-H. Arlen)

12. Iím Beginning To See The Light (F) 2:40     (Ellington-Hodges-George-James)

13. Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me (F) 2:45     (D. Ellington-B. Russell)

14. What Is This Thing Called Love (G) 2:23     (Cole Porter)

15. You Make Me Feel So Young (G) 2:24     (M. Gordon-J. Myrow)

16. All The Time (H) 2:40     (R. Evans-J. Livingston)

17. Witchcraft (H) 2:35     (C. Coleman-C. Leigh)

18. You Turned The Tables On Me (I) 2:20     (S. Mitchell-L. Alter)

19. All The Way (I) 2:47     (S. Cahn-J. Van Heusen)

20. Cheek To Cheek (I) 2:11     (Irving Berlin)

21. Itís All In The Game (I) 2:04     (C.G. Dawes-C. Sigman)


1. There Goes My Heart (I) 2:19     (B. Davis-A. Silver)

2. These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You) (I)\ 2:20     (Marvell-Strachey-Link)

3. Love Letters (I) 2:22     (E. Heyman-V. Young)

4. Too Close For Comfort (I) 2:37     ((Bock-Holofcener-Weiss)

5. This Canít Be Love (I) 2:06     (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

6. Weíll Be Together Again (I) 2:30     (C. Fischer-F. Laine)

7. You Took Advantage Of Me (I) 2:21     (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

8. Moonlight Mississippi (A Whistle Stop Town) (I) 2:33     (Willard Robison)

9. Blue Moon (I) 2:24     (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

10. There Will Never Be Another You (I) 2:17     (H. Warren-M Gordon)

11. That Old Black Magic (I) 2:18     (J. Mercer-H. Arlen)

12. Love Look Away (I) 2:30     (R. Rodgers-O. Hammerstein)

13. I Wish I Were In Love Again (I) 2:20     (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

14. What Did We Do Last Night? (I) 2:04     (J. Livingston-R. Evans)

15. You Olí Son Of A Gun (I) 2:06     (Arnold-Dickinson-Lloyd)

16. Sing, You Sinners (I) 2:12     (W.F. Harling-S. Coslow)

17. Tenderly (I) 2:33     (J. Warren-W. Gross)

18. I Should Have Told You Long Ago (I) 2:25     (H. Marchese-S. Parker)

19. Goodbye Blues (I) 2:52     (Fields-John-OíConnor)

20. You Got (J) 2:37     (Ian Bernard)

21. Harbor Lights (J) 2:59     (Kennedy-Williams-Grosz)


1. Everythingís Coming Up Roses (J) 1:46     (J. Styne-S. Sondheim)

2. I Love You (My Every Thought Is You) (J) 2:03    (unknown)

3. Where Or When (J) 2:18     (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

4. Danny Boy (J) 2:07     (Frederick Weatherly)

5. Give Me The Simple Life (J) 2:46     (H. Ruby-R. Bloom)

6. Bye Bye Blackbird (J) 2:27     (M. Dixon-R. Henderson)

7. Anyone For Love (J) 2:18     (L. Lee-N. Washington)

8. How Will I Remember You? (K) 2:57     (W. Gross-C. Sigman)

9. Get Me To The Church On Time (K) 2:17     (A.J. Lerner-F. Loewe)

10. Love Among The Young (K) 2:37     (A. Wilder-N. Gimbel)

11. The Best Thing For You (Would Be Me) (K) 2:31     (Irving Berlin)

12. Every Time I See You Iím In Love Again (K) 3:02     (D. Whitaker-B. Cole)

13. A Lot Of Liviní To Do (K) 2:18     (L. Adams-C. Strouse)

14. If I Ever Love Again (K) 3:15     (R. Carlyle-R. Reynolds)

15. With A Dream Of Love (K) 2:42     (Ian Bernard)

16. Iím Losing Control (K) 2:28     (Ian Bernard)

17. My Old Kentucky Home (K 3:45)     (Stephen Foster)

18. Donít Blame Me (K) 3:13     D. Fields-J. McHugh)

19. (Why Donít You Give Yourself) Half A Chance (K) 2:45     (unknown)

20. Canít Get Out Of This Mood (K) 3:22     (F. Loesser-J. McHugh)



On all sessions:

Buddy Cole - piano, organ, celeste, harpsichord
Vince Terri Ė guitar    
Don Whitaker - bass     
Nick Fatool Ė drums, percussion

Session A was recorded on March 10, 1955, CBS Studios, Hollywood, CA
Session B was recorded on December 29, 1955, CBS, Hollywood, CA
Session C was recorded on March 8, 1956, CBS Studios, Hollywood, CA
Session D was recorded on July 7, 1957, CBS Studios, Hollywood, CA
Session E was recorded during several days in September 1957, CBS Studios, Hollywood, CA
Session F was recorded on November 1, 1957, CBS Studios, Hollywood, CA
Session G was recorded on January 7, 1958, CBS Studios, Hollywood, CA
Session H was recorded on April 4, 1958, Palm Springs, CA
Session I was recorded during 1958, CBS Studios, Hollywood, CA
Session J was recorded on January 20, 1960, CBS Studios, Hollywood, CA
Session K was recorded on February 28, 1961, CBS Studios, Hollywood, CA

Disc 2 (#21), Disc 3 (#1, 4, 10 & 13) and Disc 4 (#4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 13 & 16) were issued on ďSwing Around RosieĒ (Coral CRL (7)-57266). Disc 3 (#11 & 12) were added to Japanese CD (J) 25P2-2840 as bonus tracks.

Original sessions produced by Buddy Cole
Recording engineer: Bob McKenny
Originally recorded for The Rosemary Clooney Show (A-C), The Ford Road Show(D-I) and The Crosby-Clooney Show(J-K)
Produced for Bing Crosby Enterprises by Bill Morrow and Murdo MacKenzie
Rosemary Clooney appears courtesy of Clooney Tunes

Produced for release by Robert S. Bader
Executive producer: Michael Cuscuna
Archival restoration engineer: Robert S. Bader
Production assistance: Mindy Johnson and Kathy Brown
Mastered by Malcolm Addey at the Malcolm Addey Studio, New York.

Transfers from the original analog tapes to digital format were made using 32 bit technology with a sampling rate of 96 kHz.

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